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Post-Season Newsletter

How to Add Mobile Phone Numbers to Receive Messages From Sports Engine App

"If you have not downloaded the sports engine app to your phone please do so.  This will have your kids Schedule, Roster, and coaches can send messages through app to all players."

1. This will have to be done from a browser on a PC.  Does not work from browser on a phone.
2. Sign in on "" and click on the icon that has your initials on it and choose account settings.
3. Go to the Household tab in your user settings.
4. Click on one of the profiles you would like to add a mobile phone number too. 
5. Next to Profile Information, click the pencil icon. 
6. Scroll down to the "Phone" field. 
7. Input your phone number.
8. Click Save. 
9. On the left-hand navigation in your user dashboard, click on the Settings tab.
10. Scroll down to Notification Settings. 
11. Check the box next to your number for each Kid you would like to get notifications on.

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